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Support added for Siege of Dragonspear expansion
Big thanks to Dawnmist who made his first contribution to ./!

Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition

New supported installer:
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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

New supported installer:

Siege of Dragonspear

New supported installer:

Baldur’s Gate (classic version)

New supported installers:
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Baldur’s Gate 2 (classic version)

New supported installers:
I went under Linux recently.
I installed stream then baldur's gate. All function well.
However the game is not in French.
I find a mod "bg2eetrans-" that translates this game.
But, this archive has a setup.exe.
I have browsed forums but I have not found linux type installation.
I know I can use "wine" but the game works directly under linux.
If someone has an idea. Thank you.

[url=]Tutuapp Mobdro
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Je te conseille de poser la question de l’installation de ce mod de traduction directement à ses auteurs, sur le forum de La Couronne de Cuivre.
Merci pour t'a réponse.
Question asked in another thread:
One question remains, I'm playing the game for month but I would like to customize the installation path to e.g /opt/games. Is there a posibility to do that. Maybe a line in the script?
You can do it with the --prefix option, an example would be:
./ --prefix /opt/games
You can read more about this option by giving it "help" as an argument:
./ --prefix help
--prefix $path

        Game installation path choice

        This option accepts an absolute path only.
        default path: /usr/local