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Hickory: Playing Baldur's Gate 1 on BG2 engine (BGT). I just started a new game, and my character is a Wild Mage. Got to the part where Imoen rejoins, just before you meet Xzar and Montaron. A bear attacked, and my mage cast Magic Missile and had a wild surge... and gated in a demon! I knew wild surges were sometimes powerful, but holy cow, what a way to bow out! Lol,
Mad3: I don´t think you had protection from evil at this point.
Did the demon kill you before or after killing the bear?
Landeril: Wild Mages are fun. I've played on in the pen and paper game, and turned myself into an Dragon once while trying to cast a fireball spell. I still haven't figured out how to polymorph back.
Mad3: So casting fireballs can make you a dragon?
Be happy you did not cast a domination or stun spell.
You might be a mind flayer by now.
Mmm Fried Illithad tentacles...