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I just finished a lengthy, manual EET install (on Macos).
Finally finished, I launch the game, and it looks to be successful except that the language is German. Weird.
Oh well, I just change language in the menu, then I try to make a new character, but when confronted with the race select menu it shows "INVALID: <some number>". Damn...

After a bit of searching I figure it's the dialog.tlk - so, I switch back to German and now the race menu is fine. Looking in the folder, I see that only the de_DE dialog file was edited by the install process, even though I always selected "English" during the weidu installs.

WTF, what can I do? I'm not a German speaker.
I have solved it, although I'm not sure if it's the most optimal way.
Here's what I did:

./weidu --tlkin test-tlk/dialog-de.tlk --tlkmerge test-tlk/dialog-en.tlk

If I understand correctly, this merged the (un-modded) English dialogues over the corresponding (modded) German ones.
Seems to work, but perhaps some of the mods added German lines that are still remaining?

EDIT: I was hoping there was an easy way to transfer the tlk changes to another language, but the method above does not cut it. The modified original entries will obviously be overwritten with stock unmodified ones, so it'll be a Frankenstein install.

I ended up reinstalling by creating a install script and feeding the logged choices from the first install, so I didn't have to do that part all over again (took like a whole day).
Post edited November 18, 2022 by stefaen