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Hello everyone.

As the title says my copy of the enhanced edition of BG2 crashes within seconds of starting it up from the Galaxy client. Everything will appear fine for about 5-8 seconds before I get an error message which I've screencapped. This is the first time I've attempted playing the game.

In the game's Options>Graphics it states I'm using:

OpenGL version 3.3.0 - build XXXX
running on GeForce GT 330M/PCIe/SSE2

I've looked around the internet for the past few hours for similar BG 2 EE crash situations but nothing I've tried worked including:

Running as administrator
Running in the various Windows compatability modes
Reinstalling BG 2 EE
Verifying/Reparing files through GOG client
Updating Nvidia drivers

Can anyone help?
error.png (319 Kb)
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Notify Beamdog about the issue and hope they fix it in the next patch - which isn't due until next year.

The remakes are notoriously buggy, so you might be better off playing the classic until the EE gets fixed. Every time they patch the games they seem to get more bugs, though.

The IWD EE, as it is now, is pretty much bug free (strangely enough).