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Just a note: in Sanctuary and other locations - you can get teleported outside the maze. This happened in Sanctuary and I couldn't find the way back in, and it happened in another dungeon where I could. Don't think this is on purpose.

This program really helped me in recovering a bad situation - just hit the letter i while in game to check your x,y location and use this editor to set it.

It will say player in (17, 35, 3, E) where 17 is the dungeon, 35 is the x value, 3 is the y value, and the last is your facing direction N, E, S, W)

Thanks for sharing this!
Hi all,

I've updated the link in the original post to an editor I've been working on that will work in-browser without needing to download an EXE. The new browser version will also allow you to edit your spells. Let me know if you run into any issues.