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I've try to play anomaly warzone earth on the mac. I could have heard game sound clearly, but screen was filled totally white.
Any one have any idea?

The version of My Mac OS X is 10.10(Yosemite).
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gyumee: ...Any one have any idea?
Do you use the current version of Anomaly Warzone Earth offered by GOG?
There have been issues on Mac, but they were patched some time ago.
DeMignon: Do you use the current version of Anomaly Warzone Earth offered by GOG?
There have been issues on Mac, but they were patched some time ago.
Yes, The version that I installed is A few moments ago I downloaded new copy and intalled it, but got same result, white screen.
Same thing happens to me as well. Just downloaded the latest version today, white screen only.
I am on a 13" MB retina 2013, with Yosemite up to date.
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Hm, I'm getting this same issue with Anomaly: Warzone Earth - Mobile Campaign. It plays the intro video's music in the background, but when I click on the app icon in my dock to focus on the window, it just shows a white screen. I've also tried running the actual application inside the GOG launcher, but it only produces the same result. I checked my Steam version of Anomaly Korea which seems okay, but my Steam copy of Anomaly Warzone Earth is broken along with other people saying the same about Yosemite and these two games. I'm gonna contact GOG support about this issue.

Oh yeah, and for reference my system specs are a mid-2012 MBP running Yosemite 10.10.1, with 16GB of RAM and an Intel HD 4000.

EDIT: Messed up my link earlier. Sorry, not used to GOG's forum system!
Double EDIT: Never mind, apparently I can't upload my system profile to GOG because its too large (3.6MB).
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I experienced the white screen problem as well (Yosemite 10.10.1). Was able to start the game normally by selecting the app in the Finder, right-clicking and choosing "Show Package Contents", then navigating to the Contents/MacOS folder and launching "AnomalyWarzoneEarth" from there; will open and run some commands; then switch to the game itself using the Dock or command-tabbing. (I got the idea for trying this from here:

Edit Dec. 23: I had to try the method above several times today, as I was getting the white screen even when using it. It eventually did work, but not sure why it suddenly did. Makes me wonder if maybe the "fix" above may have just been a fluke.

Edit Dec. 24 *POSSIBLE WORKAROUND*: I think I've found a reliable way to launch the app (for me): launch, then follow the directions at the top of my post to launch the game from inside the package. It doesn't work with Console running and launching the app package, only by running the executable inside the package. I don't know why having Console running at the same time makes it work, but so far today it's worked 100% of the time this way (I think I must have had Console running the previous times that it worked). There may be other apps that enable this like Console but I haven't checked (I do know Safari on its own doesn't). Hope this helps someone else...
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im facing this problem. white ou black screens. I'm using GOG Galaxy 1.2.26 and Mac OSx 10.13.1. Someone has a fix? thank you!