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The Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 uses the Galaxy multiplayer library. Please read the points below before posting any feedback regarding the multiplayer game experience. Thank you!

1. Always start (or restart) the Launcher before playing the game. Let the update process finish (wait until status text changes to UP TO DATE), before clicking the PLAY button.

2. If you encounter any problem that you consider connected with the multiplayer, please go to, log in with your account as usual and create an issue for us there please. Add a detailed description, and if possible, a method of reproducing it.
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Today's test: most times I got a game connection error or got disconnected from the server.

One server (Nostromo, DM, 100%,) I was able to join just fine.
During today's stress test about 50% of the time I would receive the "Game connection error" while trying to connect to one of the test servers. A small percentage of the time when loading the server list one or both of the stress test servers would not show up while other non-test servers showed up. I would have to back out and go back into the list for them to show up even when I knew there were slots open.
It would be nice to see my own ping when bringing up the tab-score menu, for now it only shows the other players.
Other than this I did not see much trouble when stress testing. The servers seemed responsive and it did not take too long to join and play.
I don't know if I'm a noob doing something wrong, but every time I start the client I get the following message: "Galaxy Updater encountered an error and could not continue: Updater could not download update metadata". Then the Launcher says "offline" in the lower left corner. Is this my fault? Do I need to download something else?
worked, but too much lag
Worked but I think I observed some lag, there was a few times where I was shooting some one and they just stood there without dying no matter how much he was shot. I ran into this a few times, otherwise it worked pretty well.
Started playing at 15:50 (GMT), first disconnect came at 16:33.
Second at 16:35 - i.e. the next game I tried to join after DCing.
Third 16:41.
Then played for sixteen minutes before having to leave the computer for a while.

17:45 - 18:10
No problems at all.

Outside of the test I've played a little over today and yesterday and it ran smooth as silk. Really fun game (when you're not getting stomped on by experienced players or having people rage quit because you killed them three times in a row), hope you do more stress tests if only to get more people online for me to be slaughtered by. :)
Had very little time to test but game ran very smooth and it seemed that LAG was minimal. Thanks! ^^
Kemendil: Whenever I choose "Multiplayer" in the menu of AvP, the game freezes. "Singlepayer" works fine.
It wasn't a complete freeze, but I can confirm there is a significant holdup, temporarily making the game unresponsive, when Multiplayer is first initialised, ever since the last update. This still occurs, though it was much worse during the peak hours today.
I was on when the stress test began. I didn't really have any lag (though I noticed that others were having issues with it), and I was disconnected a few times. I played for about two hours.

Later when I got on in the evening (PST here) things seemed to be working fine. Didn't get disconnected. Played maybe an hour.

Good times. I can't believe how much I've missed playing an alien.

It's too bad there's basically no one on now.
I've downloaded the game yesterday, played one game before patching was done, then one game after patching was done. Today I connected again, but after couple of minutes in MP, game shut down without any warning or error message (there were two of us on the server in Office level shooting rockets and grenades). I have default video settings so far.
Question, I notice the game is being sold now on the GOG store, and the game has additional content. So I take it it was finalized for sale.

So my question is, is Galaxy's multiplayer still in beta? Just wondering in event I play multiplayer if I should still provide feedback.
No answer? I'm going to assume the game and/or Galaxy multiplayer needs feedback still.

I played for the first time in a while tonight, and decided to do a co-op game on Meat Factory. Game was playing fine, and for most of the part, pings were lower than what I use to experience. Had a good bit of fun tonight.

However, I did notice some of the aliens behaving oddly. In co-op, most of the time aliens are suppose to attack me. Several times in this game, I notice aliens and predaliens just standing there doing nothing, letting me attack. Also some aliens just stood there on walls, and one time two aliens were on top of each other on a staircase.

Don't think this is normal, in event this behavior is a bug, I just want to provide some feedback. Thank you for reading.
Alien AI can be iffy at times. They can sometimes just twitch or spaz out without going after anyone in particular. It's not a bug, it's just dated AI.
Olde72: Alien AI can be iffy at times. They can sometimes just twitch or spaz out without going after anyone in particular. It's not a bug, it's just dated AI.
Thanks. At least I know it's not a bug. Otherwise everything was working fine for me last night.
Played two rounds of co-op this morning, it's still working great. I'm very happy the other player's ping stayed between 150-165, big improvement since playing when the Galaxy multiplayer beta started (still can't see my ping).

I have a question, I noticed standing on a dead alien decreases health and my character suicides. I just want to be sure this is part of the game. I did it on purpose several times since the first few times I fired down at it and died. Just want to know as I'm familiar with Aliens vs. Predator 2 (been years since I've played it), and liking that game sparked my interest in this game as well as helping beta test multiplayer.
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