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morolf: The issue with Fungification (potential destruction of important items) is more of an oversight, the spell works as it was intended and is in fact one of the most powerful damage-dealing spells in the game (same issue also applies to Khamulon's gaze and Wrath of the goddess which also destroy items).
It's powerful, yes, but placing the player in a situation where they cannot progress because key items are damaged is hardly working-as-intended.
morolf: Wouldn't say the fire spells are useless...I used them quite a bit in my recent playthrough. Never really have used the trap spells though.
The problem is mana usage vs damage output. I don't recall the exact numbers, but even at maximum proficiency the lightning variants do more damage per mana spent.
morolf: On the whole, Albion's combat and spell system isn't without flaws...but you do have some variety of options and it isn't that unbalanced. Honestly, I liked it better than the combat in Fallout 1/2 which I found rather tedious and simplistic.
Absolutely agree wit this :)