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zarkonnen: I'm the developer of Airships, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask here. :)
Hello there! Sorry I didn't realize this was a thread made by the actual developer of ASCTS before I made my other thread. Now that I realize this I will gladly post lots of good feedback for you here :D
I'm sure that you will really like it, because I haven't seen anyone else say it before and it's actually pretty decent suggestions. Sorry if my english is a bit weird right now, I didn't sleep very well so I'm a bit wewewew O_o *birds flying around my head* at the moment, but this is when I realized your thread was made by you, and also when I remembered the ideas I wanted to share with you, So here goes. Thank you for getting in touch with your community!

(all my comments, suggestions, and feedback are about single player conquest mode on a large map)
1. It gets really overwhelming when I'm taking over many Cities/towns/Castles and There's a million little build progress bars loading and landship/airship indicators (both mine and enemy) flying about all over the place. My problem with this is that all these indicators are all the same beige/off white color, and they all look the same and blend into the also beige/off white background, making my actual units and enemy units very hard to see and causing actual eye pain. There are no current mods that actually fix this, so I would honestly suggest a setting that allows you to choose the color of your land/air ships markers and enemy land/air ship markers so that they are distinguishable from each other and the background and thus less overwhelming.

My fingers usually start to get extremely sore after a while because of clicking on every base, clicking "defenses" and then clicking "build building" and then clicking the blueprint, and then clicking to place it on the landscape, and then repeating that several times until I have everything building on that one "castle/base" that I meant to build. The problem with this is now I must repeat this for every single "castle/base" and if I have over 20-30 places I need to defend, my fingers and wrists start to cramp up really bad. Very very sore. Ouch. I would honestly suggest a new type of blueprint called a "City Blueprint" that will save the exact layout of all the buildings in one territory's landscape as one blueprint, allowing me to click once and only once per territory to build the buildings I want for defense. Additionally, I would suggest this be implemented in such a way that the player can select in which order all the buildings saved in that "city blueprint" are built, so that if someone needs to build the smaller buildings quickly, they are built first so that the blueprint doesn't get stuck building something that takes too long, leaving the territory with no defense (uncontested takeover).

3. Sometimes the AI, even on the highest difficulty, even with added mods that give the AI more ships and buildings to build, there seems to be a huge lack of variety that the AI actually decide to effectively use. I don't see AI upgrading their technology and improving their structures or making bigger and stronger and more dangerous ships as much as they should, and It often feels like I'm fighting against a small child that has no idea what they are doing, but is somehow still able to occasionally overwhelm my army and take over territory sometimes. The difficulty isn't a problem, it's just that the AI doesn't seem to be able to use the parts available to it very effectively or the AI doesn't get enough money per day/turn(you know what I mean?) to be able to build anything way too threatening, even after I added a mod to give the AI massive amounts of money. (The AI basically pretended it still didn't have much cash to spend, and still build very few buildings and ships) Maybe There could be a system where the player could go into the settings and feed the AI different ship/building blueprints and force the AI to use those designs, and forbid them from using other weaker and less threatening designs? Maybe there could be a setting that limits the AI to only be able to build creations that cost "More than X amount of money" So that the AI MUST build only huge big dangerous buildings and ships that make for a very fun battle?

4. Please allow a setting before starting conquest and before building that disables all "limitations/restrictions" so that players can as an option, make blueprints and then use them in conquest (single player only of course) where the player can place any part modded or unmodded in any place without the red lines blocking the placement of the part.

Please help owners of airships (ASCTS) have a place to upload/download mods and creations that isn't through steam (it's a total nightmare)

6. ASCTS suffers from some really nasty DRM-ish "anonymous data collection" and "crash reports" that are enabled by default in the settings, essentially forever until you just happen to come across them and disable them as quickly as possible.That definitely needs to be fixed.Those things should really be disabled by default as having them enabled by default is highly dishonest and takes the choice away from customers since it takes permission before one can willingly give it or deny it.

The game also suffers from some serious optimization issues.Running on a very recent and fairly good computer the game suffers from lag stuttering very often on the world map and strange unresponsive clicking in the main menu screens or lag from larger creations.Sometimes a bug happens that causes the game to confuse which speed button is pressed vs which is actually selected. I think this is some kind of problem where the game desynchronizes the location of the mouse vs the actual location of the mouse. (mouse pointer)

Possible 64bit version in the future? Maybe solve some of the lag issues?

I believe, and I could be mistaken, but I think I saw my computer refer to the game Airships Conquer the Skies as 32bit.
This might possibly explain why there's some performance issues. I don't know how difficult it might be, but I do hope we can get a 64bit version in the future (hopefully still compatible with all the mods) I think that would be a pretty good part of resolving some of the issues.

8. I'm really enjoying the game so far. The game is astoundingly entertaining and the mods make it even better. I highly recommend to everyone for the good customization and fairly good destruction. With a bit of updates, fixes, and more respect for privacy I would gladly ask gog to change my review for me in the future from 4 stars to 5 stars.

I would love a feature that allows you to (in single player only) pay extra money to your building project, like a structure for defense, landship/airship to get it to finish building faster.

If I remember any more feedback and ideas for you, I'll remember this thread exists.
Thank you for taking my feedback. I hope it helps you make the game better, and I hope it helps others have a better experience and have more fun as the game grows and improves, and I hope that results in great success for you. :D

ZombieIX: - is there a way to deactivate the battle recording? maybe i m just blind but i didnt find a deactivation button and the game just created 80 battlereplays that i did delete manually....

-are there add ons planned? even small things like more decoration possibillities?
I would also like to know about this. I believe that this is happening to me too. If you can help me, I would like to know in what location I can find those saved battle recordings on my computer so I can free up the space too? Thank you.
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I have been running into an issue where I go to load a blueprint of a saved building or vehicle creation and experience severe lag when the creation is selected, but the moment that I drag my mouse over to the load button (takes 2 minutes of slow and painful effort to move the mouse through the lagging) and click the load button, the lag suddenly stops and I'm able to quickly and easily place the blueprint down. I think this is related to the game for some reason trying to work way too much to load the creation in the menu before the player even decides if they want to load it or not. I think I would actually prefer the game to take a moment to load the creation blueprint only when I click "load" rather than having a huge amount of lag just because it's selected and the picture of the creation is showing. This happens with all structures and vehicles of all kinds if they are sufficiently large enough, and does not happen with smaller creations. Usually there is more and more lag the larger the blueprint is, but once "load" is selected and the blueprint is being placed, there is suddenly no lag. This could possibly be fixed by the game actually taking a small average quality .png picture of the creation automatically during saving of a blueprint rather than relying on loading the data of the entire creation to generate a picture of it when just browsing through the saved blueprints. Please fix this. Thank you :)
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It would also be kind of cool if we could have a setting that when selected, automatically builds up every city you capture with the same exact defenses of a certain kind (like from a city blueprint)

It would also be nice if building defenses didn't block the production of airships or landships. Cities have shipyards of various sizes, whether or not you build defenses. Building defenses technically doesn't block the shipyard since we can't see the invisible shipyard. ships and buildings should be on a separate build que so both can be built at the same time. This way I could have an entire city of defenses building up, but have 10 ships building on the side.

Thanks :)