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Changelog for Patch (added 07 June 2018):

- There's a problem on some graphics cards with the new flags code. I'm still working on fixing it, but I've made it so that the rest of the graphics draw properly if you're affected.
- Added a 1x1 inert filler block.
- Fixed some crashes.
- Armour masks now work with mods.
- Combat replays are now more visible.
- Some more on combat replays and GIF creation soon..
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 June 2018):

- Fixed a lighting error on turrets.
- You can now use the arrow keys and cursor to change the insertion point in text fields.
- Clearer indicator for which modules are disconnected.
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Changelog for Patch 10.0.3 (added 07 August 2018):

- Explosions
- Free-form ship design where you're not limited to some fixed layout
- Historically authentic heraldry
- Dragon taming
- Giant sky squid that eat your crew
- Grappling hooks
- Giant land-walkers
- An in-game editor for challenge missions
- A combat replay system that lets you re-enter the fight on either side
- Multiplayer map conquest
- Extensive modding support with more than a hundred mods, adding a huge number of extra modules and other things
- Explosions
- From now until release, I'll be concentrating on improving conquest mode and the game tutorial. After, I will of course continue supporting the game with bug fixes, balance patches, and user interface improvements.
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Changelog for Update 1.0.5 (added 02 November 2018):

I bring you a seasonally appropriate monstrous update!

- Gargoyles have started to nest in abandoned churches and factories throughout the land. These aerial predators nest in large swarms and defend their nests with acid spit.
- What's more, strange giant red disks have been spotted hovering above the landscape, exuding a noxious yellow gas that is causing sickness and suffocation.
- Defeating monsters can offer a new type of reward, a sudden leap ahead in your research. And with the new and improved Monster Hunter heraldic charge, you get one and a half times the research and money from defeating any biological monster.
- Finally, there's also some nice new decorative windows you can use, and for modders, the ability to use frame-based animations instead of skeletal animations for crew.
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Balance and bugfix updates.

- Added an easier difficulty level. Remember: Play the game at the difficulty level you enjoy it at.
- Boarders with grappling hooks are now better at grappling with Suspendium tank endcaps, rams, and similar objects.
- Torpedo bombers are better at leading their shots.
- Stone guardians are more resistant to ramming.

Bugfixes, German Translations

- Crew with no ability to board can no longer end up on enemy ships by being told to abandon ship and then move into the enemy ship. This was confusing, because they'd just stand inside the hatch looking gormless.
- Grass with stuff on (like piles of wood, signs, ruins) now gets properly converted to soil when buried.
- German translations are now up to date. Other translations are in progress.

[changelogs are from steam]