Sci-fi Sale – interstellar adventures on bargains up to -90%

Futuristic marvels, extraterrestrial encounters, advanced technology – this week is the time of a thrilling escape from the ordinary!
We’ve gathered a plethora of great digital odysseys that invite you to explore the infinite wonders of the cosmos from the comfort of your own screen. Sci-fi Sale is packed with interstellar adventures on bargains up to -90%!
Unravel the mysteries of the universe in games like:
Ghostrunner (-70%)
Turbo Overkill (-20%)
UnderRail (-60%)
Beyond a Steel Sky (-75%)
Xenonauts 2 (-25%)
…and many more – all waiting HERE.
Futuristic realms, spacefaring adventures, complex narratives, cutting-edge technology – all of that, and more, is there in Sci-fi Sale. Immerse yourself in visually stunning environments that breathe life into the sci-fi genre, captivating your senses and making you believe in the endless possibilities of technology and space exploration. The sale lasts until October 9th, 10 PM UTC.