Release: SteamWorld Build

One final landrush! The planet is dyin', Astrid, and it's dig or die trying!
Sandbox strategy simulator with base building and resource management – SteamWorld Build is now available on GOG with a -10% discount that lasts until December 8th, 2 PM UTC!
Under the bustling SteamWorld town, inspired by the Old West, there’s an supposedly empty mine. There are also rumors that ancient tech hidden down there could immensely help the steamfolk. That means it’s time to round up the posse, circle the wagons, and build a new home!
By collecting resources above ground and ores down below you can attract wealthy bots and expand your borders. Every bot is crotchety in their own way, and it's up to you to keep them steaming along. Barter to boost efficiency, keep goods flowing to and from the mines and keep everyone happy to make them work their darndest and hardest.
Yet, you might want to be careful when digging down. As you know, when you stare into the abyss long enough it starts staring back
The riches below aren’t just free for the taking. Have a gun, dig gravel, and make sure the mines don't collapse upon you as you defend yourselves from the creepy crawlies that lurk within.
Expect a gorgeous, unique setting, resources production to aid your search for ancient technologies, defending your mine, trade at the local train stop where you’ll welcome special visitors who'll lend a hand, five distinct maps littered with secrets, ability to play with both mouse and a controller, our difficulty levels (including a sandbox difficulty for when you just want to build), and more!
All of that fun awaits you in SteamWorld Build – make use of the discount, grab it now and enjoy the immense amount of fun that it provides. Happy digging!