Rawcember has arrived – Raw Fury games up to -90% and a GIVEAWAY with a chance to snatch their WHOLE catalog

While December itself can be a very nice month, it’s nothing compared to Rawcember – a month-long celebration of Raw Fury, an incredible Swedish video game publisher that’s been providing us with gaming brilliance since 2015! And with that celebration we have some amazing things prepared for you.
Not only is their catalog discounted up to -90%, but there’s also a GIVEAWAY of Rawcember Goodie Pack filled with awesome exclusive wallpapers and concept art from your favorite Raw Fury’s games.
But now even something better – within the Goodie Pack you can find a concealed key hidden within one of the assets. This key will grant you access to the WHOLE Raw Fury’s collection on GOG. We’re talking games, their DLCs, the whole package!
There’s a total of five keys, so keep your eyes open and maybe you'll be the one of the players to snatch this awesome prize. The Rawcember Goodie Pack is available until December 13th, 2 PM UTC.
UPDATE: All keys have been found and redeemed.
Let’s take a closer look!
Right now you can enjoy bargains on titles like:
GoNNER: Press Jump To Die Edition (-75%)
Flat Eye (-50%)
Kathy Rain (-80%)
NORCO (-50%)
Sable (-60%)
The Longest Road on Earth (-65%)
West of Dead (-80%)
…and of course many more – all to be found HERE.
Moreover, Rawcember will offer some special, higher discounts on selected titles throughout the month. The first flash sale lasts until December 13th, 3 PM UTC, and offers:
Atomicrops Deluxe Edition + DLC (-65%)
Atomicrops: Deerly Beloved (-20%)
Bad North: Jotunn Edition - Deluxe Edition (-80%)
Kingdom Two Crowns (-75%)
Night Call Deluxe Edition (-80%)
Star Renegades Deluxe Edition (-75%)
After that, we’ll inform you about new great deals, so stay tuned!
And there you have it – time to celebrate Rawcember! Make use of the GIVEAWAY of Rawcember Goodie Pack, hunt the hidden keys, browse the deals of their awesome games, and just have a great time. Cheers everyone!