GOG Interview: Robert Jaeger talks about his reboot of Montezuma’s Revenge and future plans!

The official version of the 80's classic game Montezuma's Revenge rebooted by its original creator Rob Jaeger – Montezuma's Revenge has joined our catalog just a week ago and you can grab it with a -50% discount!
It’s always a pure pleasure to welcome such an iconic classic, and we even got a chance to talk with Rob about this project, his future plans for Montezuma's Revenge, and more!
Hope you enjoy the read!
The initial release of Montezuma's Revenge took place in 1984, that’s almost 40 years ago! Could you tell us, in short, what the development process looked like all those years ago? Do you have any favorite memories associated with it?
I basically locked myself up in my bedroom for 6 months. I had written a few arcade derivatives prior, and I had created a jumping man character. My friend Mark suggested going with a Meso-American theme and to go with “ Montezuma's Revenge” as the name. The game was written with the intention of maximizing the power of the Atari computer.
We always love to see such iconic classics being revitalized, especially if the original creator is behind the wheel. What made you interested in rebooting Montezuma's Revenge in the first place?
Although I’m best known for Montezuma's Revenge, I’ve had a long career in software development outside of games. I always had the intention of bringing Montezuma back for modern devices but didn’t have the time until recently, to give it the proper attention.
What can we expect from the rebooted version?
The reboot is very similar in gameplay to the best production versions of the 80’s. The classic room challenges are all there. New features include a modern mode with updated media, and a few minor improvements like the “3 Mask” challenge in each level. Latest version allows forever extensions for frustrated players, but extended games are disqualified for high scores.
When comparing working on the game in the 80s and today, what are the biggest differences that you can think of?
I wrote the original Montezuma on an Atari 800 with a Percom high density disc drive. There was no compiler, no linker, only a 6502 assembler which required the entire source code to reside in the system at once. By the time I did the production deal, then I had to reduce the size of the labels, remove all comments, in order for the code to build.
Modern high level coding with visual debugging, no memory concerns, few speed concerns is much, much, much easier!
Action platformers are one of the first games that many of us played, and in many cases, those games started the love and passion for gaming as a whole. It’s very heartwarming to see that genre still offering us some of the very best titles each year. What in your opinion keeps players invested in platformers throughout all those years?
I have been told that the Metroidvania series of platformers have really carried the genre. “Cuphead” was a gorgeous game. And of course, all due respect to Mario.
Are there any more future plans for Montezuma's Revenge that you can share with us?
YES! Two big releases coming in 2024.
I’ve been working fervently on “Montezuma’s Revenge - Director’s Cut” - This is my completed vision of Montezuma’s Revenge. History: Parker Bros reduced my game to fit into 8k cartridges. Director’s Cut is my full vision for Montezuma - with almost all new or vastly enhanced rooms, a BOSS, LOTS of new features. This is really an all-new Montezuma game. This will be available at most of the usual stores for computers and mobile devices.
2024 will also bring an all-new console version - “40-Anniversary Edition” of Montezuma’s Revenge. This will have modern graphics and more complex rooms and challenges. We plan to include the Director’s Cut with the 40-Anniversary edition. This will be available for most Consoles and computers.
Anything you’d like to tell our community before they start exploring the chambers of the mysterious Aztec pyramid?
I’m very excited to have Montezuma on GOG! Thanks to all retro game fans for keeping my game alive for all these years. For all my Montezuma updates please join the group HERE. Thanks!
We’d like to thank Rob very much for the interview. Now, if you haven’t already, snatch yourself a copy of Montezuma's Revenge and relive the classic days of platformers!