Release: Gary Grigsby's World at War: A World Divided

Better get ready for this old-school turn-based strategy game – Gary Grigsby's World at War: A World Divided is now out on GOG!
Gary Grigsby's World at War: A World Divided, first released in 2005, in its dynamic strategy puts you, the player, in the role of one of the most legendary leaders of history. The events of World War II unfold around you, through newsreel reports covering both historical and hypothetical events. You can choose your area of focus; as the United States, for example, you can choose to take care of Europe first, or send more reinforcements to the Pacific, seeking an early defeat for Japan – as Germany, on the other hand, you could either invade Soviet Union in 1941, or prepare forces to march into London. At your disposal are the full air, land and sea forces of each power, spies and signals intelligence as well, capable of stealing technology and other information on the enemy, and providing an upper hand in combat situations.
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