Publisher Sale: Paradox Interactive games with bargains up to -80%!

Prepare for the sale of the legendary Paradox Interactive titles with great bargains up to 80% off! Throughout all the years of their amazing input into the gaming industry, they’ve given us titles that we’ve spent countless hours in and will spend countless hours more!
While Paradox is best known for releasing historically themed strategy video games, especially grand strategy games, and have published them in all kinds of different settings, they’ve also released games of other genres such as RPGs and management simulators. And they all have one thing in common: providing superb gaming experiences!
Let’s take a look at some of the examples of what’s in store during their Publisher Sale:
Europa Universalis titles (up to -80%)
The most iconic series of historical, grand strategy games. From the late Middle Ages to the early modern era, you control a nation and attempt to guide it to prosperity and power. The strength of the series lies in its incredible depth and complexity. It offers a massive sandbox experience, with a huge variety of options and choices available to the player. From managing trade and diplomacy to directing military campaigns and influencing the development of culture and technology. Your strategic decisions will shape the course of the chosen nation's history.
Historical accuracy and attention to detail regarding the map of the world, events, people, and locations, challenging and rewarding gameplay, as well as strong community of players. It’s the best time to appreciate it all in full glory.
Stellaris titles (up to -80%)
4X strategy game set in the vast reaches of space. You control a spacefaring civilization and explore the galaxy, encounter other species, build an empire, and compete or cooperate with other civilizations. Its combination of grand-scale strategy and deep sci-fi world-building, a wide range of options and choices, procedurally generated galaxy, with many unique species, planets, and events to discover and complex and sophisticated gameplay, which requires careful planning and strategic decision-making with great balance between micromanagement and macro-strategy made it an absolute staple in the 4X genre.
Imperator: Rome titles (up to -75%)
A grand strategy set in the classical period of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. You assume the role of the emperor of Rome and are tasked with managing your empire by building cities, conquering territories, forming alliances, and engaging in diplomacy and trade. A true treat for fans of strategy games, history enthusiasts, and players who enjoy political and economic simulation. It offers a high degree of complexity and depth, with many different factors to consider and manage, including military strategy, diplomacy, trade, and internal politics. You’ll have to balance the needs and demands of different factions and groups within the empire, as well as deal with external threats from rival nations and barbarians. It’s also a great way to experience historical events and characters during key moments in Roman history.
Age of Wonders: Planetfall titles (up to -75%)
Turn-based strategy set in a sci-fi universe where you take on the role of a leader of a faction on a newly-colonized planet. You must expand your territory, build society, and engage in diplomacy and warfare with other factions to become the dominant power on the planet. Rich and detailed world-building system, with many different technologies and factions to discover, deep and complex military strategy system, with ability to customize armies and engage in battles with a wide range of units and abilities and a strong emphasis on diplomacy makes it an outstanding game which creates unique and personalized gaming experiences.
BATTLETECH titles (up to -75%)
Turn-based tactical role-playing game. It is set in a science fiction universe where you control a mercenary company operating giant robots known as BattleMechs. Prepare to complete missions, manage finances, upgrade your Mechs, and recruit new pilots to build your company's reputation. BATTLETECH’s turn-based combat system emphasizes tactics and strategy in detailed and customizable ways. With an addition of a rich narrative experience, ability to interact with and recruit a diverse cast of characters, and making decisions that affect the story, it’s a strategy title you simply cannot miss.
But that’s just the tip of it. Many other amazing titles and the whole series awaits you within Paradox Interactive Publisher Sale. Make sure to check them out and enrich your library with Paradox’s must-haves on awesome discounts! The sale lasts until February 13th, 2 PM UTC.