Release: Dread Templar with a -15% launch discount!

Time for a rampage in the depths of hell – Dread Templar is out of early access and available on GOG in its full glory with a -15% launch discount that lasts until February 2nd, 6 PM UTC.
If you are hungry for a fast-paced first-person shooter that combines elements from both modern retro shooters and classics from the 90s we have a true feast for you.
Jump into the skin of the Dread Templar seeking his revenge deep in the evil realm. Explore the levels and solve puzzles to find hidden weapons and upgrades. Face hordes of demons and bloodthirsty fiends using ninja equipment, firearms, and infernal weapons that will make YOU the scariest thing in hell. Gain Dread Powers and customize your skills according to your playstyle, as they will help you in your battle against the dark forces.
Adrenaline pumping gameplay mechanics with dashing, headshots, and bullet time.
Customization of skill to better fit your own playstyle.
More than 10 types of weapons.
Side areas and secret places with puzzles and rewards.
Handmade retro art style.
And of course enormous amounts of fun!
Check out for yourself why Dread Templar is so highly-praised. Time to slay some demons.