Release: Strategic Command: American Civil War - Wars in the Americas DLC

Strategic Command: American Civil War is yet another entry in the excellent, highly-praised turn-based strategy wargame series Strategic Command which takes us on different battlefronts and allows us to prove our leadership during various armed conflicts.
The American Civil War title was the first time in the series’ history where we were taken to the 19th century battlefields of the American Civil War and controlled the armies, research, production and diplomatic policy of either the Union or the Confederacy during a time of innovation and dramatic battles.
Now, this game’s latest DLC Wars in the Americas substantially expands on the already great setting, giving us the opportunity to fight five new campaigns covering some of the greatest conflicts of the mid/late 19th century. Including battlefields ranging from the deserts of Peru to the jungles of Cuba, these campaigns will provide countless hours of entertainment while challenging your strategic skills to the utmost.
Expect new unit types including Field Artillery, Blockhouses, Armored Cruisers and Torpedo Boats, new historical leaders including Taylor, Bazaine, Escala, Caxias, Shafter and Scott, new events including Santa Anna’s Return from Exile, the Philippine Revolution and the construction of Paraguay’s great ‘Cristiano’ mortar, as well as aforementioned five campaigns covering major wars between 1846 and 1898.
Wars in the Americas DLC release is also a great occasion to check out other Strategic Command titles with special discounts which last until February 2nd, 3 PM UTC:
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See you all on the battlefield!