Release: Amazing LGBTQ+ titles from HeartCoreDev!

You’re in for a treat – we have some fun titles from HeartCoreDev! Synthetic Lover and The Symbiant are coming to GOG with amazing extras!
Synthetic Lover is a LGBTQ+ visual novel that takes place in 2066. Biologically engineered humanoids called “biots” make up a large percentage of the workforce; as a protagonist, you take up the role of one of the boots who, like the rest of his colleagues, lives to serve a single purpose: to fulfill his pre-programmed vocation. It’s a story about an individual who discovers the challenges of being a human, and during his journey navigates through the ups and downs of an imperfect life – learning to understand emotions, forming friendships, and possibly finding love along the way. Apart from the base game, you can enjoy the universe even further: through an Official Choice Guide, Artbook and an Official Soundtrack. All Synthetic Lover titles launch with a -25% discount; the offer ends on February 3, 3 PM UTC.
The Symbiant is, as well a LGBTQ+ visual novel, similarly set in a futuristic universe, in the year 5066. It’s a story of two men from entirely different worlds, embracing their newfound romance – Danya, the protagonist, after a troubled transport gig that left his and his friend’s beloved ship in a need of repair, receives a generous offer of transporting a mysterious alien calling himself Brahve. It is a tale of interstellar friendship and a quickly growing affection between two men. You can find even more content in a few extra titles: Game Choice & Achievement Guide, Artbook & CG Pack, and an Official Soundtrack. All The Symbiant titles launch with a -10% discount; the offer ends on February 3, 3 PM UTC.
If you still can’t decide, try out Synthetic Lover Demo and The Symbiant Demo!