Pre-order: Liberated

Enter an action-adventure game inside a living, hand-drawn comic book. You can now pre-order Liberated DRM-free on GOG.COM. Set off on a unique journey taking place on the border between games and comic books. Uncover a disturbing reality where human rights are dying away. Take up arms and solve puzzles in a noir city that’s desperate for justice.
Pre-order Liberated on GOG.COM with a 20% discount lasting until 6th August 2020, 1 PM UTC (the game’s release is set for 30 July 2020). The same discount on Liberated will rise to 25% if you own at least one of the titles listed below:
• The Walking Dead
• The Wolf Among Us
• Void Bastards
• Blacksad
• Interrogation
• Gemini Rue
• Bear With Me
• The Shivah
• Dry Drowning
• Flower Collectors
• Beholder 1/2
• Inside/Limbo
• Darq