Complete your Sins of a Solar Empire Collection with 50% discounts!

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a real-time 4X strategy, sci-fi game where you command a space-faring empire and take the battle for galactic supremacy to its ultimate. But you probably already know that and proved yourself as the greatest leader in space!
Now we want you to complete your Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Collection!
We've prepared a special 50% discounts on the game's Ultimate Edition and its DLCs including Minor Factions which enables the spawning of 15 minor factions (such as Nilari Cultists, Viturak Transport Cabal and Grost Scrappers Union) and Outlaw Sectors with unique gameplay options and variety of new maps.
This promotion lasts until October 27th, 1 PM UTC. After that, Ultimate Edition and DLCs won't be available for individual purchase.