Release: The Valiant

We are the brave, the Valiant, and the strength of our brotherhood will see us to victory in our quest.
Embark on a journey of brotherhood and redemption in The Valiant, a squad-based RTS set in 13th Century Europe and the Middle East available now on GOG!
The game’s story follows Theoderich von Akenburg, a former crusader knight who, after becoming disillusioned with the cruelty of war, is called back into action by events set into motion 15 years ago when he and his former brother-in-arms stumbled upon a fractured piece of an ancient artifact - the Rod of Aaron. It is said that this item contains power never meant for mortals and finding the remaining pieces and unifying the rod could bring untold evil and suffering to the world - a despicable goal that Theoderich’s old friend is obsessed with achieving.
Command and level-up your medieval knights as you fight through an incredible single player campaign, and when you’re ready take your skills online in both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.
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