Coming soon: 2 DLCs for House Party!

More content on the way for the best House Party that you’ve ever been to! 2 DLCs, Winter Holiday Pack and Halloween Holiday Pack for House Party are coming soon to GOG!
You know it and you love it. This hysterical, funny, hot and story-rich 3D adventure game is all about player choice and partying the way you want. There are hundreds of different stories, side-quests, and narratives, and thousands of branching stories and dynamic elements. And to make things even better, you can now explore all its crazy characters and wild interactions with a -40% NSFW Week discount which lasts until January 30th, 11 PM UTC!
But about the DLCs: both Winter Holiday Pack and Halloween Holiday Pack are free, permanent versions of limited-time seasonal events for House Party from 2022 that will now be equipped with a new toggle on/off feature, so you can enjoy the holiday cosmetics throughout the year whenever you desire.
Winter Holiday Pack brings Christmas lights, pine garlands, ornaments, falling snow, Christmas-themed hats, holiday sweaters, and a short side-story quest featuring “Santa” Frank.
Halloween Holiday Pack on the other hand offers petrifying seasonal decorations (like for example pumpkins, spooky ghosts or a cheap skeleton), scary outfits (like succubus/incubus costume), creepy critters and more! All within the festive, autumn spirit.
Make sure to wishlist those DLCs so you won’t miss their release. Fa-boo-lous and ho-ho-hot fun are on their way!