Check out these amazing coming soon titles!

The suspension is growing – better get ready for these releases! Three titles from Freedom Games, DLC… All that, coming soon on GOG!
Arto from Freedom Games
In this action RPG, you’ll get a chance to breathe life into a desaturated world. It’s a colorful hack-n-slash adventure, a fast-paced journey where you’ll arm yourself with a variety of weapons and spells to unlock and upgrade, and the magic ability to shoot beams of paint. You’ll explore wildly different biomes, each presented in different perspectives and art styles, as well as different gameplay mechanics, all while you take up the quest of restoring the color in the world.
World Turtles from Freedom Games
In this strategy city builder, you’ll learn that the entire civilization is being carried on the back of the World Turtle, as it flies through outer space. You’ll discover that you’ve been selected by a tribe of gentle, peace-loving Meeps, to save the life of their own World Turtle – establish a new way for them to survive and create a sustainable society. You’ll get to feed the great World Turtle, to ensure that it doesn’t perish along its endless way; and cooperation will turn out to be a key for success when the Turtle wanders into the more treacherous stretches of space.
Train Valley 2 - Editor's Bulletin from META Publishing
Train Valley 2 is a train tycoon puzzle game that allows you to build railroads, upgrade your locomotives and keep the trains on schedule – all in adorable, colorful low-poly graphics. Editor's Bulletin DLC though, is here to bring you up to speed with the latest developments in the competitive business of driving fast trains with expensive cargo across unpredictable, treacherous and somehow familiar landscapes.
R.I.C.E - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience™ from Freedom Games
In this retro roguelite shooter, you’ll find everything you’d want from the genre – simple fast-paced combat, slaughtering your way through planet ecosystems to gain loot, and, of course… Trying not to die. You’ll have to eliminate entire worlds and their defenders at a quick pace,and you’ll be awarded with newer and even better weapons and the upgrades for them. Each run completed with lack of death means even more options for the next one!
Soon on GOG!