2 amazing titles coming soon from Assemble Entertainment!

Better brace yourselves, because we got some exciting news from Assemble Entertainment – Growth and Three Minutes to Eight are coming soon on GOG!
With this game, you’ll get to experience the heartwarming journey in a delightful soft-strategy gameplay set on a cozy hexagonal grid. You’ll immerse yourself in a procedurally generated world brimming with possibilities as you harness the special abilities of various animals. With a harmonious blend of serene exploration and skillful navigation, it offers a captivating experience, allowing you to traverse its enchanting realm, encountering obstacles that will test your ingenuity.
Three Minutes to Eight
Here, you’ll embark on a mind-bending pixel art adventure. This captivating game pushes the boundaries of consciousness, blurring the line between reality and imagination. Prepare to delve into a gaming experience where endless possibilities unfold before you, yet remain tantalizingly elusive. With its mesmerizing pixel art style, it will challenge your perception and immerse you in a world where anything can happen.
Soon on GOG!