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Release: Eschalon: Book II

More of the old-school goodness.

Eschalon Book II, sequel to an old-school RPG with open world, classic gameplay mechanics and isometric graphics, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the first week!

Nowadays, you get to know everything about a new game long before its development is complete. You get trailers, sneak peeks, developer interviews and diaries, progress updates, and concept-art showcases. It's all fun and exciting, but doesn't it take away a bit of the pleasure of visiting a brave new world for the first time, you get when you actually play for the first time? Basilisk Games team think it does, so they took a different approach, developing their RPG saga in secrecy, and sharing very little information about the game prior to its release. You know, just like in the old days!

Eschalon Book II sports the same old-school looks and mechanics that made the first part so well received by classic RPG games fans. Without messing around with the time-proven concepts it adds some modern things like higher resolution, weather affecting not only how the game's world looks, but also how the game plays, and many other little tweaks. What you get here, is a direct sequel to the first game, with just enough modifications to make it up to date. More classic computer role-playing for everyone!

Continue your fullfiling old-school cRPG experience with Eschalon Book II for only $4.99! That's 50% off the regular price until Tuesday, May 14, at 9:59AM GMT.

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