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[-] - fixed bug
New in version 1.6.2:
[-] Spear skill wasn't added to damage on expert level, it required master level.
[-] My bug: Dead monsters could sometimes move in version 1.6.
Post edited October 22, 2012 by ERISS
ERISS: [-] My bug: Dead monsters could sometimes move in version 1.6.
Haha, I would be seriously creeped out if a carcass of a dead monster moved on its own without warning. :D
GrayFace MM7 Patch v2.0
By Sergey Rozhenko

[+] - feature, [-] - fixed bug

New in version 2.0:
[+] Custom LODs (for mods). For example, Data\*.icons.lod archives would be loaded after icons.lod, possibly replacing its content. Same with every other archive.
[+] When switching from mouse look to 'standard mode' the mouse would start at screen center if over 10 seconds have passed since last switch. Otherwise it will return to its last position, as usual.
[+] Now you don't have to specify AlwaysStrafe for mouse look. It will be on while in mouse look mode. If you don't like this, you can specify NormalStrafe=1 to do turns even in mouse look mode.
[+] Now you can set FixInactivePlayersActing=0 option to disable corresponding fix if you prefer using the bug to your advantage.
[+] HDWTRCount and HDWTRDelay options control number of water frames (up to 15) and delay between them in D3D.
[+] Smoother D3D water frames included.
[-] Movement rounding issues fixed properly. Walking and strafes weren't precise because of these issues and jump height was lower than it should be.
[-] Save game failure on some computers. Actually caused by a bug of some system software, not the game itself.
[-] Games.lod archive required very special sorting.
[-] The door of a shop on an island in Tatalia didn't react to mouse clicks.
[-] My bug: Unnecessary debug info was written to ErrorLog.txt
[-] My bug: MouseLookUseAltMode wasn't supported.
[-] My bug: "`" or "i" written in MMExtension console were causing character screen to open. Same thing with mouse movement when mouse look is on.