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Hey, I'm having trouble getting custom portraits to work, does anyone know how I could get it to work?
I've played this game alot, if you got campaign questions I'm sure I've got answers. I'll check back every so often.
Here's afew I've found that are quite good (or heard):
Fallout Redux, like the weapon balancing mods, but it improves and implements alot of things, and fictionalizes real life items.
It improves alot of things aswell as the portraits for some of your recruits (farsight no longer looks hideous, thank god) AND custom chars. and alot of storyline char fluff.

Races mod:
This mod basically lets you play as any of the other races seen in this game (with the exception of reapers I believe. And dogs):
Deathclaw (good melee chars, and MAYBE other stuff)
Humanoid bot (Surprisingly good unarmed, PE ST and Endurance are stuck at 7 (endurance because robots can't get ANY armor) charisma however, is stuck at a terrifying 1. Robots and cyborgs don't inspire much in people apparently It SHOULD BE NOTED THOUGH, They make FAR more capable CQC fighters then any other character. Being capable of hitting hard with their punch (Apparently that point thing sticking out of your char's elbows? Not for show.) and hitting twice with your kick maybe). A good idea for this race? CQC, all the way, consider chosing kamikaze as it now has no drawbacks (I think, after all, it means you can't get anything from armor and robots can't wear any anyways?) OOOR (and this is mid to late game) a heavy weapons trooper, they have good perception already and can be modded to be capable heavy weapons troops. Note, early on you want to be cautious, until you get a toolbox you can't be healed.
Super mutant (Yea, good with big guns and stuff)
Ghoul (not sure WHY you'd want to play this race, but you can!)
Dislike the presets? Remember that you can modify the presets, modify them to your hearts content!

Enclave mod:
I haven't been able to play this, so I'm just going to tell you what I've seen:
Let's you play as Enclave soldiers (Your pretty much bad guys/Grey area dudes).
Let's you fly a verti (ever wondered what that's like?)
More guns? And armor?
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Halicon: Hey, I'm having trouble getting custom portraits to work, does anyone know how I could get it to work?
Do you mean you want to make your own custom portraits?

- make portrait 75x100
- set mode to Greyscale
- export as PNG
- run "FT Tools.exe" and use the "PNG to ZAR" option to convert the PNGs
- copy the .zar files to core/gui/char
- add the names of your zar files (without extension) to the end of the text files in /core/tables/male.txt or /core/tables/female.txt (one name per line, and make sure there is no blank space after each name)

If there aren't any text files in the tables folder then just grab them from HostalZa's portrait pack and edit them.
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I made a portrait pack! (preview image attached to this post)

There are instructions in the readme.txt, including how to change recruit portraits.

It's also posted at NMA, but I think you need to be registered and logged in to download forum attachments there:
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