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maverique: Hi!

I've installed the killap unofficial patch (not the restoration project, just the patch) and I've been having difficulty becoming a Quad Made Man. Mason seems to detect me every time I go up the stairs now after having become a Bishop Made Man. I'm following a guide on GameFAQs for this but it's not helping. Is it impossible with this patch now?
Firstly, becoming a "quad made man" is an exploit (as I'm sure you know), so it's possible that the patch made it more difficult. However, I'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with Mason detecting you - I'm pretty sure he could detect you before the patch.

Secondly, it's quite possible that the guide you're using is completely full of shit. Sadly, most of the FAQs for Fallout 1 and 2 are crap and full of inaccuracies.

I'd recommend this guide for Fallout 2, especially if you're going to be trying exploits and the like:

But I'd also check the release notes for the unofficial patch as well, just in case it "fixes" some of them.
Wredhe: So I am thinking about playing Fallout 2 again, what mods would you guys recomend?
Fizzlebeef: Nothing, really. As mentioned above, the GOG installer includes the high resolution patch and sfall, the latter of which fixes a few annoyances.

There are still a plethora of bugs in the game that sfall doesn't address. Many of these can be fixed with Killap's unnofficial patch or the restoration project, both of which can be found here. Just be aware Killap's patch occasionally introduces new bugs, and the restoration project changes the game quite a bit.

If this is your first time playing the game, I would recommend just playing it out of the box.
Out of curiosity, what bugs have been introduced by the Unofficial patch? I was just about to install it before realizing I installed FO2 in the default directory (apparently the installer doesn't enjoy the x86 version of Program Files either). I was considering if it was worth redoing for it.

Speaking of which, quick note to everyone: it appears the GOG/Steam FO2 installation doesn't use even near to the most recent sfall version (unofficial patch doesn't either). Might or might not be wise to update, it's a simple file replacement.
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