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monkeydelarge: Thanks for sharing this. +1
Novotnus: You're welcome :) Just remember, that translation can be pretty immersion breaking and no progress reports has been made on the official English version for quite some time.
If you can live with that, you're up for some good isometric Fallout fun.
Actually, there was a report a week ago (day before your post), that english translation is halfway done.
Sincz: Actually, there was a report a week ago (day before your post), that english translation is halfway done.
Great to hear! Can't wait to play it again!
Novotnus: Found this: some time ago (I guess I'm near the end - already know where the antagonist resides). It's simply amazing. Actually it's so good that I reached near-end with pretty bad google translation (here it is, if anybody wishes to try it out.
Haven't have so much Fallout fun for a long time.
Sweet! My only regret is only finding your post just now, since I've been intrigued by this mod since I heard about it (and have been waiting for English version).
I'm hoping for Fallout Resurrection to be done before the end of the year. Then I will hibernate until Fallout of Nevada gets a translation.
For those using high-res patch on high-DPI screens (15" FullHD laptops, 4K screens, etc).

With the new version "4.1.8 With Zoom" one can finally get large text, cutscene subtitles and UI (2X scaling) combined with good overview of game area (full HD), which did not seem to be possible before (I had to delete GOG's own f2_res.ini anyways).

See attached picture, note the size of the UI, event text and SkillDex. Same applies to dialog/inventory/etc screens.

Download here:
scr00000.jpg (336 Kb)
I've got these installed through Galaxy now, and I've discored an configuration tool with an option to enable "High Definition Patch" and x2 scaling built in.

Is this what I use now? Or am I still downloading a third party mod?
Hello, I need help!

What mods are pre-installed in Fallout 2 Classic on gog? I see there is a high resolution patch built in so i'm wondering what else is pre-installed before i go and try and install extra mods.