Store update: Starting to roll out the new promo pages

Getting the sweetest deals on the sweetest games is pretty sweet indeed. But when you have a breathtaking variety to choose from, how do you even find the game that's just meant to be yours, without digging for way too long? GOG's new promo pages will be your answer to that!
With our aim to improve your experience on GOG, today we're are starting to roll out the brand new promo pages to parts of our userbase. With a smoother design and the filters introduced in the previous update, it'll be easier and clearer for the people that have access to them to save big while seamlessly finding great titles on sale.
Thanks to the price and release date sliders, tags, and features to accommodate any budget and needs, we want to make you have the best experience possible when discovering the greatest deals on GOG. As this will be rolling out over a period of time, we will monitor the situation and gather feedback. But know already that this is only the beginning... Future updates will include highlighting the discounted games from your wishlist, removing filters that aren't relevant to a sale and building sections for the games we know are worth highlighting.
If you already have access and are using the new promo pages, or if you have a very specific need or some particular accessibility request, then let us know how you like the changes, and share your ideas for what we could improve next.