Release: Zeus and Poseidon Bundle!

City management on a titanic scale.
Get Zeus: Master of Olympus & the Poseidon expansion and you can create and rule a mythical greek city for only $9.99 on
Zeus (and the expansion Poseidon) is a city building game where you must manage all aspects of an ancient greek city, starting with a small village, and finishing with huge polis that is visited by gods, goddesses, and Greek champions. Zeus is not a simple city building game: of course you need to provide your citizens with enough food, fleece, olive oil, water, culture, and jobs to keep them happy; this game will also challenge your diplomacy, your ability to survive struggles, and your capacity to earn the respect of Gods and ancient heroes. Balancing your budget with what your citizens want is a key element--and if you aren’t careful, you could end up bankrupt! All of this plays a vital role in your city’s future. And Zeus manages to mix all those elements with a light-hearted charm: a guard is called "Dirty Harricles", sportsmen named "Gretzykles" or "Bobbi Orcas", a pair of water carriers named "Abbots and Costellos", and Gods roam the fields and kill livestock for fun. This is definitely a game that is funny while it’s fun.
If you’ve played Caesar 3 on, you’re familiar with many of the mechanics that make Zeus awesome, but the new graphics, housing zones, detailed walkers, and quests and objectives make Zeus a new game in its own right, and one that’s phenomenal city-building fun.
Check out what the gods have in store for you with Zeus and Poseidon on for just $9.99!