Release: The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary

Tiny people conquer the world once again. This time in 3D!
The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary, a visually updated version of the hit civilization-building strategy title featuring tribes of tiny men tirelessly crafting giant empires, one farm at a time, is available on, for only $9.99
Building an empire from scratch is never easy, but that does not mean that it can't be enjoyable. Watching your settlement grow, one farmhouse after another, and your tiny subject working hard as busy little bees, makes the heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Just look at them! Always rushing to perform their little tasks--each of them seemingly insignificant, but all of them crucial to the ultimate well-being of the nation. Just try not to think about all the micromanaging an emperor has to perform. Trust me, it'll make your head feel heavy under the burden of your crown.
The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary is a game where you build your kingdom with the help of hunters, soldiers, shipbuilders, and more unit types at your command. You develop elaborate settlements from many different building types--ranging from farmhouses to castles. The game comes with a wide selection of challenging maps, on which you must not only seize control, but also set up a working infrastructure. Rediscover the great gameplay of this classic gem, that now comes with updated 3D graphics!
Nothing should stand in the way of progress and civilization! Nothing should stop you from grabbing The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary, for only $9.99!