UPDATE - Release: The Coma: Recut

Too ghoul for school.
UPDATE: Both The Coma: Recut and the Deluxe Edition are now 20% off until October 4, 2PM UTC.
If you purchased the game after its release and before the discount was applied, please contact Support to amend that.
The Coma: Recut, a haunting survival/adventure about escaping your nightmarish high school, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com.
After falling asleep during the final exams, Youngho gets pulled into a sinister version of Sehwa High, where a strange sickness clings to the walls and a screeching maniac is roaming the halls. Now he must run, hide, and search every room looking for clues and a way out. Perhaps that strange girl with the bandaged wrists can help?
This is a remaster of the cult classic, with new animations, new hiding and dodge mechanics, updated art, and rebalanced gameplay.
Go for the Deluxe Edition to get a whole bunch of neat stuff, including the game's Soundtrack, Artbook, and a Prologue comic. Not sure? You can always upgrade later.