Release: Signal Ops

A little more "Get Smart" than "Mission Impossible".
Signal Ops, tactical squad-based stealth-shooter in which you control up to four agents simultaneously, is available right now on 20% off for only $11.99.
"Danger? Danger is my middle na--well, no. Actually, no. Danger is someone *else's* middle name. My middle name is "Clyde." I prefer my days to be less hectic. I'm more of a managerial sort, myself. Lead from the rear and all that. It's dangerous out there, full of shooting and explosions and screams and whatnot. Not my style at all. I'd much rather sit back here in HQ, directing the action in air-conditioned comfort."
Does this sound like your kind of game? Then Signal Ops, a tactical / FPS mashup with a striking distinctive visual style, is now on, 20% off for just $11.99, should be a headshot of fun! As the brains behind the daring operations that your team undertakes, you will complete daring missions to plant evidence, steal secrets, assassinate targets, and perform sabotage. Take advantage of multiple simultaneous first person views to stealthily evade enemies or get the drop on them. Signal Ops supports single player modes as well as 2 or 3-player co-op (Online, LAN, Local, in any combination).
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on a series of madcap missions with murder, mayhem, and mischief in mind. With a 20% off launch discount for this first week after launch (ending 10:59 GMT on the 9th of April), this is the kind of no-brainer operation that even a rookie agent could successfully complete. Get smart!