Release: Rogue Legacy

Like father, like son.
Rogue Legacy, a proceduarally generated roguelike (or: rogue-LITE) platformer in which your dying character passes on his quest and heritage to his offspring, shaping a heroic saga generation by generation, is available on for only $14.99.
I'm exploring the castle. I mean: The Castle. So did my father, and his father before him. I know much about its dungeons, its many traps and monsters, its secrets, and its riches. Part of that comes from my fathers journal. Part is my own observation. Without my ancestors' knowledge, I would be lost in these corridors. I don't know if I'll succeed, but I will make damn sure, that there will be a successor to our cause and he will come better prepared than I did. Now's the time of truth. I'll have to pull one of the levers. Left, or right? Left, or right? The journal says: "don't pull the one with the red gem!". Well, gee, thanks father. Didn't you know I was color-blind?
Rogue Legacy comes, apart from being a well-executed RPG/platformer mashup (or Metroidvania if you will), comes with one particulary inventive twist. Each time your hero falls to one of the many dangers lurking in the mysterious castle you explore, his child will take on his adventuring mantle and continue the quest as soon as it's grown. Some of the fathers skills, experience, and power is passed on to his children, each bearing also their own defining characteristics and traits. You will choose one of them and continue the adventure, not starting again from square one, but making the exploration a collective multi-generational effort. Pair that with excellent pixel-art graphics, carefully balanced mechanics, tons of items, creative enemies, and high replayability value, and what you get is a game that will constantly make you come back for more.
Prepare to die, and then die again, and still continue your quest and enjoy every moment of it in Rogue Legacy, for only $14.99 on