Release: Megabyte Punch

That mech packs a punch!
Megabyte Punch, an addictive side-scrolling beat 'em up, where you can custom-fit your fighting robot with parts of fallen enemies, is available for 25% off at That's only $11.24 for one week.
Wake up, Megac! I am the Heartcore, your creator. The virtual world we both call home is under attack. You, warrior of steel, have to fight for its future. Your mission is to defend the digital realm from malicious robotic fighters. Yes, you are a weakling now, but I bestow upon you a power that will be the key to our survival. Now you can use scavenged parts of fallen foes to upgrade your systems and replace your limbs with increasingly powerful weapons of destruction. In time you will become a deadly destroyer, a stalwart defender, our savior.
Megabyte Punch is a gloriously stylish beat 'em up platformer inspired by the long gone days of N64 bliss. With tight combat mechanics, immersive electro soundtrack, and distinctive visuals, the game sucks you into a colorful world of epic boss fights and inventive level design. The ability to upgrade your Megac with over 150 collectable body parts allows for experimentation with combat tactics in search of the ultimate combination of firepower and enhanced skills. You can fight through 6 unique worlds all by yourself or engage in up to 4 player local co-op and versus mode jousts. If you are craving for a stylish platformer full of electrifying robotic combat Megabyte Punch will knock your socks off!
Assemble your machine of mayhem and open up a can of whoopass on a variety of robotic foes in Megabyte Punch, for only $11.24 on