Release: Magrunner: Dark Pulse

A physics-based Sci-Fi action-puzzler with a pinch of Cthulhu Mythos.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a futuristic action-puzzler with physics-based challenges, impressive graphics, and a twisted storyline taking a turn into the insane realm of lovecraftian mythos, is available on, for only $19.99!
When the Gruckezber Corporation selected you to be one of the very first magrunners, you felt that a whole new chapter of your life is opening before you. You were going to be a field tester, first to use the incredible mag-tech devices. On top of that--the testing facility turned out to be a deep space station! So much excitement. So much adventure. Then all of a sudden the world came tumbling down, scaring you out of your wits. You couldn't have known that, but the stars did align in a particular pattern, ripping a hole in what you call reality. Making way for us. Now, I look at you, mortal. I see through your puny little soul--every emotion, every dream, every intent, and fear. In a way, you're interesting to me. I will study you, as you try to escape your doom, clinging to that primitive fetish of a magnetic modulator, as a drowning human grasps at straw. Run, jump, think, look for a way out, magrunner. It amuses me. I'll be smiling with all my mouths, when I consume your world.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse is an action-puzzle game in which wits, reflexes, and good understanding of physics gives you a fighting chance against the creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos. The future scientists opened yet another can of worms (squirming, pale, tentacle-like worms, that is) and now you must face a reality collapse allowing ancient monster to enter our world from their own realm of twisted nightmares. The storyline is involving and grand, the characters are colorful, and the puzzles will challenge your mind in many creative ways. With original gameplay mechanics, imaginative setting, and top-notch visuals, this game is something that no fan of action-puzzle games should pass on, even though there's virtually no chance for a cake, and almost certain apocalypse delivered by the Great Old Ones at the end. That is, if you can't stop the inevitable.
Put on your thinking cap, prepare for some quick action, and face the nameless horrors while solving physics-based puzzles (and probably also: get the girl) in Magrunner: Dark Pulse, for only $19.99 on!
NOTICE: The current version of the game attempts to establish an outgoing internet connection, once you run it. This is caused by the Unreal 3 Engine "calling home", and it in no way affects the gameplay. This is not DRM You can play Magrunner without an internet connection, and Frogwares is working to fix this inconvenience. Hopefully, an updated version will be available next week.