Release: Legend of Grimrock

The dungeon crawler genre is not dead, but the monsters that crawl through the dungeons soon will be.
Legend of Grimrock will send you on a grand quest for fame, fortune, weapons, and experience like you haven’t seen on the PC for ages. For one week (until 18 April 2012 at 12.59 PM EDT), you can pick up this fantastic dungeon crawler for just $13.49--10% off the regular full price of $14.99!
If you remember playing titles like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder, you probably own Legend of Grimrock already. Die-hard fans of classic dungeon crawlers looked at the this indie gem as a chance to revive the good old days when hacking your way through a dungeon prison really meant something. If you’ve never heard of the dreaded Grimrock mountain that never releases its prisoners alive, you have an amazing chance to scavenge, fight, level up, puzzle, and learn the classic formula for RPG-ing.
Legend of Grimrock sports tile-based movement combined with real-time combat. You control a party of four prisoners, either using the pre-made adventurers or by carefully creating your own desperate crew. You have only three classes: fighter, rogue, and mage, but the addition of minotaurs or insectoids races mixes things up a little and assures future replay value. Then the crawling and hacking begins--and that’s what’s most important about an action RPG. The fights are tough and require planning and some evasive movements, but the learning curve allows you to adjust to the grid-based waltz of step forward--attack--step backward--magic--step left--avoid in a minuet of death. The combination of atmospheric sounds (wind, whispers, and monster growls somewhere), some clever and demanding puzzles, amazing monster design (killer snails!), and impressive detail poured into Grimrock dungeons make the game one of the finest dungeon crawls ever made.
If you’re a born dungeon crawler: reawaken the feeling of excitement when you turn another corner and know not what to expect. If you’re a first-timer: be assured that the modern execution, simple UI, great graphics, and something absolutely magical will suck you in and not let you out unless you free your party from the magic-, mayhem-, and monster-filled catacombs of Legend of Grimrock.
Check out this early contender for indie game of 2012 (It’s already got a 95 from Destructoid, and a slew of other top reviews from publications all around the globe!) here on for a limited time offer of $13.49