Release: Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Double the vampire lords, double the fun!
Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the vampiric action-adventure game filled with furious fighting is now available on for only $5.99!
Nosgoth, sweet Nosgoth. Motherland of the vampire kind. It might be a gloomy, morbid wasteland, but it's the only place a bloodsucking, cadaverous fiend can call home. So when a vicious, powerful enemy schemes to invade it, even mortal enemies like the ancient vampire overlord Kain, and the deformed, power-hungry outcast Raziel join forces in its defense. Each of them follows his own path of bloodshed and destruction towards the common goal, but little do they know about the plots and machinations underlying their quest. In the end, it might just be that only one of them will survive.
The combat oriented gameplay invites you to progress and master each character’s unique weaponry and fighting techniques. You will encounter countless imaginatively designed foes and explore a vast and--in its own twisted way--beautiful environment. As in the previous games in the saga, there will be puzzles to test your wits and the solid storyline will keep you intrigued for hours.
Legacy of Kain: Defiance ties provides a closure to the Legacy of Kain saga so don’t miss out on your last chance to become a fearsome vampire lord--heck, even two of them!--for only $5.99!