Release: Capsized

Running: 10/10. Gunning: 10/10. Aliens 10/10. Keeping the boat afloat: 0/10.
So, you've crashed on an alien planet and you need to find your crew and escape. Obviously, you decide to kill everything on the planet before you leave. This may sound a bit "homicidal maniac" to you, but it's actually kinda fair, 'cause the "everything" tried to kill you first. And most. And continually. The alien world is beautifully drawn and evokes a similar feeling of isolation and fantastic as Another World, but one essential part is completely different--Capsized is all about dynamic action, flying, throwing, and shooting. A wide selection of weapons (with alternate fire), hidden areas, level stats, power-ups, a jet-pack and a grappling hook complete the wonderful platforming experience Capsized has to offer.
Capsized is everything you wished for if you wished for a nostalgic run-and-gun platformer with modern 2D graphics and a added complexity, thanks to the physics engine and grappling hook. It's a steal for ten bucks, but today, as a part of End of the World Sale, Capsized is available 75% off in the Jumpin' Indie Action Bundle along with La Mulana, Mutant Mudds, Snapshot, and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, together for only $14.95. However, if you missed the one day of the sale, Capsized is still 50% off until January 3 2012.