Release: Caesar™ IV

Dum vivimus, vivamus
Caesar™ IV, a pinnacle of city-building strategies set in ancient times, is now available, DRM-free on
Rome wasn't built in a day, you know, and neither were the Roman aqueducts which are still subjects of study and praise by many a scholar. The same is true for the majestic structures they left behind, which still stand proud all across Europe. Want to know how they managed to erect these marvels of the ancient world? Assume control of the economy, planning, building, and managment of Roman settlements in challenging scenarios set during the Kingdom, Republic, and Empire eras, and watch your humble village grow to become a sprawling ancient metropolis. Even back then, people were very concerned with public services, hygiene, spectacles, and overall quality of life, so it's up to you to balance the complex needs of your citizens with the realities of city management, if you want to be remembered more as a Marcus Aurelius and less as a Nero.
Plan, build, and sustain a Roman metropolis that could stand the test of time in Caesar™ IV, DRM-free on