Mod Spotlight: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

A long time ago in the final frontier
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident might easily be one of the most captivating and feature-rich space combat tactical games. With its beautiful graphics, unrivaled mechanics, and classic space-opera narrative it's simply a must-play for all strategy-loving sci-fi fans. The lengthy main campaign is very diverse and satisfying, but once it ends there still are two ways to get tons of fun out of the game. One is multiplayer. The other one is, of course, modding. The game has an extensive support for modifications, that allowed for creation of some very interesting mods. Here's some of our favorites.
Star Wars: Eternal Conflicts transforms the Nexus universe into a galaxy far, far away. The mod introduces some of the iconic crafts used by various factions over the many eras of the Star Wars time-line. Some of the scenarios that this mod offers aim to recreate "historic" battles while others present conflicts brought into existence solely for the purpose of this mod. With detailed, fan-created models and a variety of standalone missions, the force is strong in Eternal Conficts.
Freespace: Evolution is a mod combining the action-packed universe of the FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2 games with the real-time tactical mechanics of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. FreeSpace fans can now experience the conflict between the Galactic Terran Alliance and the ruthless alien race, the Shivans, from a wholly different perspective. Switch your pilot's cockpit for the comfortable armchair of a fleet commander and see just how well a action space-sim masterpiece translates into a RTS. The mod features not only spacecrafts, but also some of the original FreeSpace music, sounds, and visual effects. If Freespace: Evolution has one flaw, it must be its shortage of missions. But there's a simple enough way to fix that, as the mod is fully compatible with the...
NEXUS Skirmischer--not really a mod but a stand-alone application that lets you create custom quick-battle scenarios for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It will allow you to boost the game's replayability value infinitely with endless supply of DIY missions. If you find the game too easy, now there's nothing to hold you back from making it even more challenging!
TAKE NOTE: In most cases installing the mods should be as easy as copying the files into the "mods" subfolder of your Nexus installation folder. If you run into any problems consult the documentation provided by the mod's creators.
Have you got a favorite Nexus mod you'd like to share with other users? Oh, by the way: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, is discounted by 60% on for the next 24 hours! Aim for the stars, modders, aim for the stars.