Mod Spotlight: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To mod, or not to mod?
As it should be with massive PC RPGs – there's a passionate community tweaking, improving, and generally fudging with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We call these brilliant creatures "modders".
From the Ashes, the first major DLC, is a delightful excuse to see what the community has been up to recently. So we asked our friends from Nexus Mods for their take on what's really worth trying. Take it away!

Mod Spotlight: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The amount of passion we have seen our Nexus Mods modding community pour into Kingdom Come: Deliverance is incredible. The great news about Warhorse Studios’ commitment to release official modding tools in the not too too distant future has reinvigorated the scene!
Now, with the brand new “From the Ashes” DLC emerging, it is a good time for us to present some of the finest gems our community has come up with.

Visual Mods

Henry might be an everyman, but that does not mean that he can’t be handsome! Henry’s Face Customization gives you the freedom to decide upon Henry’s appearance and customise it to your liking.
If you like enhanced graphics and optimised performance the mod Ultimate Performance Graphics has you covered. It improves FPS and removes freezes and stuttering making running through the beautiful towns and villages even more enjoyable.
Alternatively, if you prefer to max out your graphics, there’s a range of Reshade mods such as Perfection Reshade. This mod adjusts the depth of field, ambient lighting and more.

User Interface

Bow Dot Reticle is a simple, yet very effective tweak that gives you the ability to prevent the aiming dot from disappearing whenever you ready your bow.
The aptly named Clean HUD on the other hand, offers a less intrusive alternative to the vanilla HUD and thus allows you to see more of beautiful Bohemia.


Roads are Dangerous is a mod that increases the odds of you running into trouble while fast-travelling. It even has options for brand new types of troubling encounters. For those of you who would like to see a bit more action on the roads while travelling.
If you like the general realism aspect of the game - and would like to take it one step further - then you will love Ultimate Realism Overhaul. This is a massive mod that rebalances weapon stats, armour values, character stat progression, and combat with the aim of making the game even more realistic.

Tweaks & Fixes

A Sorted Inventory is the kind of “quality of life” mod you might want to make things easier. It renames 99% of all items in the game by adding a prefix that helps to sort items into categories.
Texture Streaming Improvements is a set of configurations that improve the game’s performance when it comes to how it handles texture streaming, effectively eliminating the dreaded texture pop-ins.
But really, these are just a few picks from the sheer incredible amount of mods our community has come up with ever since the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We are looking forward to seeing what all the modders on Nexus Mods may come up with once Warhorse Studios release their official modding tools.
Happy modding to all of you and have a great time exploring the new “From the Ashes” DLC.
Oh, and let us know: which ones were your favourite mods so far?