Midweek Sale: Shooters for every taste, up to 80% off

SWAT, AMID EVIL, Soldier of Fortune, and A LOT of bullets
Want to get a shot of adrenaline to turn your week around? Missing out on some robust FPS games?
Midweek Sale will provide a whole range of games for all you, thrill seekers!
Let’s start with some classics! It’s hard to imagine any shooter sale without Soldier of Fortune (-35%), SWAT (-35%) or FEAR (-75%). Make sure you don’t miss AMID EVIL (-20%), STRAFE (-20%) and Project Warlock (-33%), which will bring you back to the good old days with their retro-styled atmosphere.
In case you’d prefer to grab yourself some modern hits, try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (-70%) or Metro (-75%) series. Or go brush up on your killing skills with these action-packed and dynamic twin-stick shooters, like Hotline Miami (-75%), Neon Chrome (-65%) or JYDGE (-65%).
The Midweek Sale ends July 20th, 10 PM UTC.