Discover these 3 retro games brought back by Ziggurat Interactive

Once again we invite you on a journey deep into the history of video games.
Today 3 retro games published by Ziggurat Interactive await your discovery:
Rescue Rover Collection (-33%) is a classic pair of challenging puzzle games. Rescue your dog Rover from evil robots by solving fiendishly complex environmental puzzles.
ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate's Treasure (-33%) is a colorful 2D side-scrolling underwater action-adventure game where you scour the wreckage of a pirate ship.
Slordax: The Unknown Enemy (-33%) is a classic top-down shoot 'em up game where you fly the deadliest ship in the galaxy on a dangerous first-strike mission.
Grab all these classic games at discounts until 14 May 2021, 1 PM UTC.