Classic games Shivers II and Outpost 2 now available on GOG.COM

Today we travel back in time by releasing Shivers II: Harvest of Souls and Outpost 2: Divided Destiny on GOG.COM. Those two titles have already marked their place in the gaming hall of fame. Now it’s time for you to enjoy their thought-provoking challenges!
Shivers II: Harvest of Souls is a sequel to the cult adventure game created by Sierra On-Line and written by the legendary Roberta Williams. Unlike in the first game, the story of the released in 1997 title isn't taking place inside a spooky haunted museum. This time you have a whole ghost town to explore, as you search for your missing friends from Trip Cyclone rock band.
The game is a fun challenge for all who love to scratch their heads while solving one puzzle after another. It features a first-person perspective that was highly popular at the time and full-motion videos that give the game a unique 90s charm.
Outpost 2: Divided Destiny is the second part of the RTS series best known for the hard sci-fi approach to the story. We can attribute this fact to the science fiction author J. Steven York whose novella strongly influenced the game’s plot. In Outpost 2 you must choose one out of two factions - Plymouth or Eden - that wage a war on the remote planet of New Terra.
Players will soon realize that they fight not for power but for simple survival, because New Terra is slowly dying as a result of human interference in its ecosystem. That’s why the gameplay focuses more on management and technology than pure brute force.
As you can see, both titles are quite unique and might surprise even the hardcore fans of adventure and RTS genres. Apart from them, be sure to check our Good Old Games collection and over 3000 other gaming deals up to 95% off available during our Summer Sale.