6 newly-released classic games that deserve your attention

A true passion for video games knows no boundaries. Working side by side, Piko Interactive and GOG.COM have managed to bring some true classic gems to our modern computers. Today, we present to you 6 more titles you should definitely check out.
Is simple passion enough to achieve success in the video game world? Companies like Piko Interactive show us again and again how much one can achieve when passion leads a project, not large bankrolls. For example, Piko’s first project was actually a successful crowdfunding campaign designed to launch a selection of retro-style games on Super Nintendo cartridges in 2013.
It didn’t take long before Piko Interactive started showing interest in more PC classics, as well. By acquiring titles from late developers like Legend Entertainment and Infogrames, the company enriched its portfolio with games such as Spellcasting and Eternam.
Just before the holidays, GOG.COM got together with Piko Interactive to release six more classic titles, which are now available DRM-free on GOG.COM.


Hexplore is an action RPG title that was published in 1998 by Infogrames, which has already been mentioned in this article on more than one occasion.
The late 1990s were a time truly revolutionary for the RPG genre and Hexplore is one example of a title that helped define the genre during that time. This was the same timeframe that games like Diablo, Might and Magic VI, and Baldur’s Gate premiered and Hexplore combines elements from all of them. This includes non-stop action sequences and a gamer-friendly interface. Furthermore, Hexplore introduces some unique features of its own, like the ability to turn the camera a full 360 degrees and beautiful hand-drawn cut scenes.
In Hexplore, you play as McBride, a Scottish adventurer, who travels through a medieval Europe filled with magic and wonder. One day, near the village of Zarko, our hero is nearly killed by minions of an evil sorcerer named Garkham. With the help of three chosen adventurers (a magician, archer and a warrior), McBride sets out on a quest to stop the game’s main antagonist from taking hold of the legendary book titled Hexplore.

Epic + Inferno Bundle

Epic is a space fighter simulator that first released in 1992 and in many ways outclassed the competitors of its time. Not only did it introduce a compelling space opera-like story, but its 3D graphics were also truly amazing at the time. Those graphics helped gamers enjoy complete freedom when moving the spaceship around. All of these things combined to help make it one of the most anticipated titles of the early 1990s.
In the game, your mission as a starship pilot is to save humankind from extinction. The threat comes in the form of a powerful supernova. The only way to escape its destructive power is to evacuate the humans that are in danger through the hostile Rexxon Empire’s space territory. The game was so popular that it spawned a direct sequel in 1994, called Inferno, which further expands the story of the Epic starfighter pilot. Epic + Inferno Bundle available on GOG.COM includes both games.

Time Gate: Knight’s Chase

An adventure game released in 1996 by French studio Infogrames, Time Gate: Knight’s Chase was developed and written in part by Hubert Chardot. Chardot was the person behind some of the company’s most successful titles. Specifically, the Alone in the Dark franchise. As the title indicates, the game’s plot revolves around time travel and exploring a medieval world. It features not only puzzles but also an innovative swordplay system. In the beginning, the creators of the game planned for an entire Time Gate trilogy, but sadly the project was abandoned.
In the game, the protagonist, William, is an American student who spends a joyful time in Paris with his girlfriend, Juliette. Much to his surprise, one day he is attacked by someone who resembles a medieval knight. William survives but quickly discovers that Juliette has been kidnapped. The only way to get her back is to travel to the year 1329 and save her from the clutches of the Inquisition.

The Legacy: Realm of Terror

Released in 1992, The Legacy: Realm of Terror from Microprose still remains quite effective in terms of sending genuine shivers down a gamer’s spine. It accomplishes this mainly thanks to its attention to detail and, sometimes, lack of. For example, during most of the game, our hero is unable to see what hides behind the corner… Some gamers will love that feeling, while others will hate it - which is exactly what it is meant to do. Moreover, the game includes RPG elements, like character creation, which help make it unique among other survival horrors to this day.
The Legacy: Realm of Terror tells a story about a haunted mansion that you must enter as one of its inheritors. While exploring the building’s different rooms and floors, you uncover more and more pieces of its dark history. As time goes by, you’ll be tasked with fending off monstrous attackers from the other world, while at the same time keeping a close watch on your stamina stats.


Another game from 1998, this time tailored specially for fans of driving fast and dangerous cars. Dethkarz from Melbourne House takes the player to a world of the future and rocket car racing. The game allows players to sit behind the wheel of a sports car designed not only to win a race but also destroy any opponents that get in their way in the process. This is because, unlike traditional racing games, players can equip a variety of weapons to their car to help give them an edge.
The game resembles the classic title MegaRace, only it’s much faster and more dynamic. You can choose from four challenging tracks to race on - Metro City, The Pole, Grand Keys, and Red Planet, each with its own unique characteristics. The player can choose between four car brands and three vehicle classes, all designed to win no matter the cost.
All of the games mentioned above have unique stories and gameplay elements that deserve your attention. Whether you’re looking for a sense of adventure, an adrenaline rush, or you just like being scared when playing a game, there is at least one title here that meets those standards with these nostalgic video games from the 1990s.