5 important reasons why you should subscribe to our newsletter!

Exclusive discounts, giveaways, fun & games - these are only a few of the cool benefits you gain from subscribing to GOG.COM’s newsletter. Check out how you can jump aboard our DRM-free ship and see the top reasons why you should do so right now.

1) You’ll receive great exclusive offers

While scrolling through GOG.COM social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, you’ve probably come across posts about awesome deals dedicated to newsletter subscribers. Well, it’s true, newsletter subscribers occasionally receive special deals, or even a free gift at the very beginning. For example, the cult-classic RPG The Witcher: Enhanced Edition can be added to their library. That’s not all, subscribers get historically high discounts on many great games, like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Obsidian Edition. Also, they take part in cool cross-store promotions, including ones held alongside Displate, CD PROJEKT RED GEAR, Dodo, and Paypal.

2) You’ll get notifications about hot deals and giveaways

It’s not necessary to follow our site 24/7 to stay up to date. Our newsletter subscribers always get updates about the best deals available on GOG.COM. Weekly Sales, Special Sales - they’re all there along with news about a sale’s theme and how to get the highest discounts. Thanks to the special notifications, you’ll never miss hot giveaways on games like Hitman: Absolution, or free stuff, such as the Cyberpunk 2077 Goodies Collection. Finally, we’ll let you know every time a new title comes to our collection of free games.

3) New releases and announcements won’t pass you by

Want to keep track of interesting games that are coming soon to GOG.COM? The newsletter will help with that. Info about fresh releases and mind-blowing announcements will always land in your email account. Also, if there’s a title you are looking forward to playing, just add it to your Wishlist! It’s a really cool and convenient way to gather all the games you'd like to play in one place.

4) It’s so simple!

All you have to do to become a newsletter subscriber is visit GOG.COM and login to your account. After that, hover over your account name at the top, and go to the “Privacy & settings” section. Switch to the “Subscriptions” page on the left and click on the checkboxes to subscribe. That’s it! You’ll now receive newsletters to the email address you have shared with us during the registration process on GOG.COM. Sounds simple, right? If you have any issues, like not receiving a newsletter after an email address change, our ever-reliant support team will be there to help you.

5) It’s simply fun!

From time to time, we’ll host special games for our subscribers - comparing images to see the differences between them, “wanted” posters, graphic riddles, and even horoscopes - all to make checking out our newsletter a fun experience for you. Behind every such game, there’s a surprise, a hidden discount, or a free goodie that will definitely make you want to keep checking your email for another newsletter from us!
There you have it, 5 important reasons to subscribe to the newsletter on GOG.COM. Join us and enjoy hot exclusive deals along with the confidence that you will always get fresh news from our store.