3 reasons to keep your games wishlist up-to-date on GOG.COM

A lot of us are staying at home these days, and that means more time to catch up on some of the interesting games we didn’t have time to play before. Here are 3 reasons why you should keep your games wishlist up-to-date, along with some tips on how to make full use of it.
With new games releasing on every platform all the time, it's very easy to miss out on the next great hit or forget about past titles that may have caught your attention but were too pricey at the time. Keeping an up-to-date wishlist can help you keep up with these titles, as well as let you know when they are at their best price.

All the games you'd like to play in one place

Do you like a game but aren’t quite ready to commit to the purchase? When a game from your wishlist goes on sale, we will let you know about it with a special website notification and email message. This can be handy at all times, but especially during the big seasonal sales, like Summer and Winter Sale, when there's a lot of titles on discount and you want to stick to the games that interest you the most.
If you want to wishlist games on GOG.COM, you can do that by clicking the heart icon below the “add to cart” button. This way, you can keep interesting titles in one place. You can also set your wishlist to be visible to more people than just you. Maybe you want to share it with a friend, or even with the public? You can do that. You're also able to send or post a direct link to your wishlist to let people know what would be the best gift to get you.
We'd recommend that you check and update your wishlist at least every month with a casual browse through the GOG.COM Store, the bestsellers list, the latest releases, and even upcoming games. If that's too often for you, then the beginning of May and December would be the best times to prepare for the biggest sales of the year.

Save even more with our exclusive newsletter discounts

The wishlist is not only for tracking the ongoing sale events. It's also a perfect way to get even better, exclusive discounts! Every month we send special offers to our newsletter subscribers. These can be based on a game that you already own or for a title that is already on your wishlist.
In recent weeks, we shared exclusive discounts for games like Darkest Dungeon, Diablo + Hellfire, Tropico 6, Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Royal Edition, and many more. We make sure that these are the highest discounts available, deals you won't get on any other platform. It's really worth it to stay subscribed, keep an up-to-date wishlist, and check out our newsletters.

Keeping an eye on what's to come

Are you looking forward to playing Desperados III or Gamedec? Your wishlist can help you keep track of upcoming game releases, as well as good deals on them!
You can wishlist pre-orders and get notified about deals for them in the same way as other games. For titles that are not yet available, we also have a Notify Me button. It's a one-time reminder that alerts you once the game is released and it works best when used together with adding it to your wishlist, especially if you prefer to get that game later at a discount.
We hope this short reminder will encourage you to check and update your wishlists, especially as we're working on some great offers to share with you soon…
How often do you use wishlists on GOG.COM and what are the last few games you added to your list? Let us know in the comments below!