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We started more than four years ago with a collection of good old games and a crazy dream of games with no DRM. Many people thought that this could never work, but thanks to you guys we proved the nay-sayers wrong. The Good Old Games were a tremendous success and today GOG.com is proud to be a large and thriving alternative to other digital retailers. We're a place for gamers to get high-quality DRM-free games with free goodies and for publishers and developers to offer their precious digital creations to millions of dedicated gamers worldwide. We've released some of the best games in history over the last four years, and we're committed to keeping the bar high for games on GOG: the next 500 games on we release will be just as good as the ones we already have. For now, take a moment and enjoy Leisure Suit Larry--a great example of the classics that got us here, or you can pre-order Omerta: City of Gangsters--a promising Mafia crime sim that's showcases the quality & variety of the kinds of games that GOG.com will continue to release (new and old!) in the future.
We owe all of this to you--our gaming audience--and we're extremely grateful. This is as much your achievement as it is ours and that's why we're giving away 500 games to thank you. To enter the giveaway, simply tell us, after clicking the link, what's the next big step for GOG.com. Should we land on Mars? Create a small DRM-free country on some lonely Pacific island? Create an evil A.I. that will threaten mankind with endless tests? Just type a few words for a chance to win one of 500 games. You can get some extra entries by sharing, tweeting, and following us on social media. You're not joining any mailing lists or signing up for anything. We just need your e-mail to send the game. The giveaway ends next Thursday at 10:59 AM GMT. Join it here: GOG.com 500 Giveaway
Thanks again, and see you at a thousand games!